Bidadari Park at Bidadari Estate

The already approved project has one of the best designs and is set to the real estate sector as a game changer in Singapore. After the launch, the great demand of limited units has shown a clear indication of the general view Bidadari estate has created on people. Real estate has been the core of economic development in Singapore and a major contributor to the success of its economy. Home buyers in Singapore can now afford a great smile after the boost of what was initially a grave site to host an iconic modern Bidadari park.

Bidadari Park at Bidadari Estate

The development is located with both the lake and the market within the vicinity where residents can walk and visit with ease. A unique development of the underground interchange point for buses that are air-conditioned is meant to run under the housing flats creating good use of every space. The interchange will be located next to Woodleigh MRT and will be used by up to 5 buses that will offer services to the residents and is set to be completed by 2019. The Antares which is a new development is located at Mattar Road and is near to Bidadari Park. The developer for The Antares is Keong Hong Holdings, Hock Lian Seng Holdings and TA Corporation Holdings.

Bidadari Estate Near to Properties

Following its central location of Bidadari estate, the project has attracted many people and it has remained the talk of the town even from the property experts. Even though the projection has it that the final stages will be concluded in 2020, the final picture is already clear and how the whole estate will appear when finished. The project is set to create a community that will exist in the garden and is also destined to host lush greenery together with social spaces, features that are already clear in the vision of Bidadari Park.

Residents of Bidadari Town

Residents of Bidadari estate are will enjoy adequate water as the plan includes a reservoir that is designed and built underground. The capacity of the reservoir is approximated to fill three pools which are Olympic-size and indication of how mighty it is. Following the underground design, more space is set to be availed for the residents unlike when it was built on high ground. This has also proved that land can be optimized and still deliver quality to the users and all other services that they may need.

Following the great history of the land where Bidadari estate is, the National Heritage Board has announced that heritage will be integrated into the housing project. This will help the new residents understand the history of the land and enjoy its new state and appearance. The new image will totally change the mentality of the residents following the old grave site that had been turned into an icon residential in Singapore.

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