MacPherson Estate Located Near to Paya Lebar

Many years after the death of MacPherson different sites and his memorials still remains clear around the development of Singapore. The country has a lot of iconic developments especially in the central region and this is where MacPherson Estate that is named after the late MacPherson is located. The development is strategically position and enjoys some of the best neighbourhoods as it sits between Paya Lebar and Aljunied. The major component of the development is public housing that is centred on an industrial area and Circuit Road. The development of the estate was a great idea and they look excellent many years later even though they are small in sizes.

MacPherson Estate Located Near to Paya Lebar and Aljunied

Accessibility of the development has been perfected by the presence of the different lines and stations within that the serve MacPherson and MacPherson estate as a whole. The Circle MRT and Downtown line in connection with Mattar MRT and MacPherson MRT which are both estate based statins are all set within the development to ease movements. There is a collection of great history that remains active in the land including the MacPherson Road that has been named after Lieutenant MacPherson after his great achievement in China war where he had served. Macpherson Estate is located near to Paya Lebar as well as Mattar Road where the new Antares by FKSH Development is located at. It is near to Mattar MRT Station.

A Little About MacPherson

His participation in the local development and transformation when he was appointed in various positions made him popular and very effective. When he became Colonial Secretary the focus was on the Straits Settlements, he, later on, participated in the design of St Andrew’s Cathedral. The whole process of building the Cathedral lasted for 6 years where MacPherson had used convict labour from India. The new picture that has been created in the region came as a result of his commitment to serving his country.

Unique Architect at St Andrew Near to Macpherson Estate

The unique architect that was used in the Cathedral makes St Andrew’s unique compared to most of the other constructions in the east where it sits. All the details used in the development of the Cathedral are now kept for the recognition of MacPherson at the Memorial Monument which is named after him too. After his death, MacPherson was buried at a Christian Cemetery along Bukit Timah road which was later landscaped and turned into a park.

A lot of other development and naming have been attached to the name of the hero MacPherson many years after his death. Today his name controls major sites and buildings in Singapore an indication of the good work he had done to transform his people and the surrounding.

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