Various food gems at Mattar Road

The new matter rapid transit in Singapore is one of the most reasons why people visit Singapore. Not only that but also the various indigenous foods that are available around the area. More so, there are lots of properties due to the rapid growth of real estate management in the country, providing better accommodation.

Various food gems at Mattar Road

1. Crabmeat Wonton Mee
This is probably one of the most indigenous dishes in Singapore. Crabmeat wonton mee is a common dish around the MRT, which makes Singapore a perfect place to spend your vacation at. It is one of the most delicious seafood served around here and the cheap price makes it even better. The dish consists of minced pork and crab meat.

2. Crab bee hoon
Crab Bee Hoon is a bowl of popular Singaporean rice with mud crab. This delicacy that is served with spiced milk broth is prominent around matter rapid transit. It is commonly served in clay pots. The bee hoon is popular since it soaks up the soup that it’s served in. the mud crab is known to be among the delicious seafood in the world.

3. Quan Lai Kway Chap
Kway Chap is a dish that is prepared by deep-frying intestines and adding cinnamon, star anise and other herbs in the dish, making it have a uniquely delicious taste. Quan Lai stall is known to serve the best Kway Chap. The stall was started due to the new real estate developments around matter rapid transit. Quan Lai serves kway chap with pineapple which gives it a sweet delicious taste. It’s amazing how delicious kway chap is yet maintaining its affordable price. Residents near to Mattar Road will benefit from the various foods that is available at Mattar Road such as The Antares which is a new development at Mattar MRT Station.

Residents to Benefit from Food at Mattar Road

4. Fish Head Steamboat
One of the commonest fish head steamboat dishes is the red snapper. The red snapper is fried and added some natural spices such as garlic and ginger. To make the dish sweeter, the dish is complemented by a good broth. Also, other herbs are added to improve the quality of the broth. Some of the common places that prepare this delicacy include Xi Yuan Ji, Hai Chang, and 136 Hong Kong Street.

5. Mee Siam
Mee Siam in a common dish in Malaysia and Singapore. The name means Siamese noodle. In Singapore, it is served with multiple flavours such as soybeans, tamarind, and coconut milk to give it a wonderful taste. Although not all stalls serve it with coconut milk, it is evident that it gives out a natural appetizing feeling. Hup Mee Siam is one of the places that offer quality Mee Siam in Singapore.

Although the above food gems are not the only ones in Singapore, they are simply some of the dishes that one should try while visiting Singapore for a wonderful experience.

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